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Fusion Connect - The Contact Center as a Service Provider (CCaaS)

Many businesses are realizing they don’t need to – and shouldn’t – run their own contact/call center. Beyond the expense of creating and maintaining a contact center, they often lag behind the newest features and capabilities. An on-premise platform can be a logistical nightmare to update for your business needs.

As your CCaaS provider, Fusion Connect enables a truly omnichannel customer experience. We offer a comprehensive package of communications services, including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Fusion Connect designs your CCaaS platform around your organization’s use cases. We factor in your technical and business needs to optimize costs and performance. Delivering multiple solutions: from a base-level Professional platform to an Advanced solution that gives world-class performance.

Fusion Connect’s CCaaS Portfolio

Our portfolio takes you beyond a basic communications tool.

  • Business Intelligence & Data.
    Our CCaaS includes business intelligence data for productivity and efficiency. This data helps measure team effectiveness and gauge customer satisfaction while containing costs.
  • Securely Encrypted.
    Built-in encryption and monitoring makes security compliance easy to manage. Includes all the features you need to improve your customer experience.
  • Easy Management & Upgrade.
    Because it’s all run on the cloud, the whole system can be deployed and scaled from anywhere. It's continuously updated with new features and has the ability to scale with your business.
  • Reduce Costs.
    Reduce your operational costs, increase flexibility and agility, expand your functionality and security, and achieve superior ROI across your customer service needs.

A Fully Managed Customer Experience

Powerful CCaaS Features

Add voice and collaboration apps for a complete solution.

  • 3rd Party Application Integrations
    See below for a short list of the most popular apps and business tools.
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
    Receives incoming calls and distribute them to an available agent.
  • Call Forwarding
    Transfer calls to other agents.
  • Call Recording
    Capture your agents’ desktop activity during calls and let synchronized playback of voice and screen recordings provide the context you need to get a complete picture of every customer interaction.
  • Conference Call
    Call conferencing allows you to add guests to a call. A guest can be another agent, a customer/prospect/lead or a manager.
  • Hunt Groups and Ring All
    Link customers using ring groups, which can represent skills, departments, languages, and many other items customized to your business needs.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    Allows incoming callers to access info via a voice response system of pre-recorded messages without having to speak to a live agent.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
    Level up your enterprise by integrating your best-of-breed collaboration solution with a leading end-to-end cloud contact center solution and reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Omnichannel (Messaging, SMS, Social Media, Chat)
    Engage with customers on their channel of choice, all while personalizing interactions, preserving conversation context, and effortlessly elevating conversations across channels.
  • Outbound Dialer
    Anticipate your customers’ needs and reach out proactively for personalized engagement that drives loyalty and business growth.
  • Outbound Engagement & Campaigns
    Anticipate your customers’ needs and reach out proactively for personalized engagement that drives loyalty and business growth.
  • Post Interaction Surveys
    Create post-call voice surveys in order to obtain reports and analyzable data
  • Quality Management
    Evaluate agent interactions, identify key areas of improvement, and provide agents with actionable feedback to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  • Real-time Dashboards
    Customize dashboards, set alarms, and share live performance metrics in real-time and motivate teams to deliver the best customer experience.
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting
    Instant view of performance for faster data-driven decisions.
  • SalesForce Integration
    Full contact center functionality inside Salesforce. Deploy for Salesforce, add licenses, and assign user permissions—all without ever leaving Salesforce.
  • Screen Recording
    Flexible inbound and outbound call recording, synchronized playback of voice and screen recordings, and custom storage options.
  • Voicemail
    Routes the call to the voicemail of agents or ring groups you select.

Optional 3rd Party Integration

  • Call Flow Creation Tools
    Visualize the exact flow structure and outcome for any stage of the customer journey. Create your perfect combination of IVR scripts, menus, routing, and custom options to deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • AI Chat Bots / Virtual Agents
    Modernize the self-service experience with conversational AI.
  • Workforce Management
    Combine powerful AI and automation with an intuitive user experience to help optimize staffing and scheduling decisions, reduce administrative effort, and deliver a better experience for agents.
  • Business Intelligence
    Transform raw data and information into actionable insights in minutes.

* Optional or 3rd Party integration available. Contact us for details!

Contact Center Integrations

Fusion Connect CCaaS integrates with these popular business tools.





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Fusion Connect offers a full spectrum of business internet infrastructure services managed by a team of world-class experts. This expertise and commitment creates our CCaaS offering.

When paired with UCaaS, our call service services offer a scalable platform for communications - internally and externally. It's easy to manage, cost effective, and raises the bar for team collaboration and productivity.

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Choosing a managed communications service provider opens many options to improve your business communications infrastructure. While improving your business communications, you'll also enjoy a positive impact on your bottom line.