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Improve your productivity and mobility, simplify management, and lower your cost.

Fusion Connect - The Managed Communications Service Provider

Making the choice to use a Managed Communications Service Provider means having the opportunity to move away from dealing with expensive, on-site communications hardware or equipment. Plus, transitioning to a unified communications model that will free up budget and company resources.

Your hybrid communications are now an IT responsibility.

Extreme talent gaps in technical fields have made it difficult to efficiently run all the technologies regularly implemented in a modern enterprise. The cost of hiring, training, and retaining this level of expertise forces many businesses into point solutions. This mix of vendors and solutions can result in the headache of managing glitches in operations, availability, and management as they occur.


Fusion Connect’s Communications Portfolio

Fusion Connect’s MCSP offering saves your company significant time and communications expense. It frees staff to focus on business growth and success. We offer:

  • Hosted Voice (VoIP)
    Leave behind bulky PBX hardware. Enable staff to work from anywhere, without sacrificing the high-end features you need.
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
    We offer both Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. Your workforce will have the collaboration tools they need to move the business forward.
  • Microsoft Teams Calling Services
    Make communication simpler for your employees with one phone number across all devices with Operator Connect.
  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)
    Connect customers to answers and build lasting relationships, while lowering costs.
  • SIP Trunks
    Get excellent call quality, and even better cost savings while connecting your business locations and users
  • POTS Line Transformation
    Simplify the management and scalability of your telephony and landline services by transitioning from analog services to digital service.
  • VoIP Fax
    Faxing from anywhere using a simple, secure online portal. Add as many users as you want and get unlimited faxing for one low price.
  • Phones & Hardware
    Choose from a wide range of HD office desktop phones, including multi-line, video, touchscreen, cordless, and conference phones.

Your Managed Service Provider

Fusion Connect is a comprehensive Managed Service Provider dedicated to mid-market and enterprise customers. We deliver world-class expertise and the best technology across communications, connectivity, security, and more. 

Our broad range of managed services includes:

  • Microsoft Services: Optimize Microsoft 365 investments with Managed Services for Microsoft
  • Communications: Including Calling Services with Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex
  • Connectivity: Fully redundant Internet with speeds up to 100x100 Gbps

Services are backed by industry leading guarantees and award-winning customer service.

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What is an MSP?

A Managed Service Provider is a company that manages various IT and security services on behalf of a business, delivering expertise and saving time and money.  

MSPs act as a force multiplier for in-house teams. Powered by fully customized technology and proven processes, MSPs inject the resources, time, and expertise aligned with business goals to ensure the business runs smoothly and efficiently. 

What is an MSP?

Your Managed Communications Service Provider

Fusion Connect’s MCSP service addresses your business communications needs with improved productivity, mobility, simplified management, and lower costs. 

Small to medium-sized businesses - and global enterprises alike - are faced with the challenges of quickly adapting their communications response. Particularly in the growing shift to cloud communications.

We offer an industry-best range of services including:

All backed by our satisfaction guarantees and sector-leading customer service.

What is a Managed Communications Service Provider? 

Managed Communications Service Providers (MCSPs) simplify the operation and management of business communications.

From telephony to collaborative tools to customer support: move your entire communications stack to one vendor. This reduces your internal investment in the hardware, software, and technology expertise required to keep your communications and collaborative tools up and running.

Your Managed Connectivity Provider

As a Managed Connectivity Provider (MCP), Fusion Connect enables your workforce to thrive via connection services that are fast, secure, and reliable, regardless of location.

Fusion Connect guarantees reliability, resilience, and performance. Managing and monitoring the entire connectivity infrastructure.

Our MCP team ensures service availability and bandwidth meet the demands of the workload at each site. We keep wired and wireless access available and maintain overall security.  

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What is Managed Connectivity?

An MCP provides technologies and techniques to deliver managed networks, business internet,  to interconnect applications, services, and locations for maximize performance.

MCPs understand that secure, resilient, and efficient connectivity is the foundation for enabling every cloud and off-premises capability you might be considering.

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Managed Communications Service Provider
The MCSP Solutions

Fusion Connect’s Managed Communications Service Provider

Lower your cost of ownership while modernizing your business.

  • Maximize Your Existing UCaaS Investments

    Build on your Microsoft or Cisco investment with comprehensive communications capabilities. Reliable, secure, and available calling and collaboration anywhere your business needs to be.

  • Consolidate Your Communications & IT Providers

    Combine features that are often only found in point solutions. Improve employee connectivity and collaboration with simplified management and deployments.

  • Build a Work-from-Anywhere Business Environment

    Leveraging other Managed Service Provider options, such as managed connectivity services, allows you to take advantage of opportunities for growth and business expansion, while minimizing impact on the bottom line.

This diagram explains how edge security helps give you complete visibility and control of all devices across your distributed business landscape.

A Managed Service Provider Guarantee

Industry Leading Guarantee

Customers Are at the Heart of Everything We Do

The most comprehensive service guarantees in the industry.
Matching a best-in-class technology stack.

Our guarantees are designed to provide peace of mind and ensure a world-class customer experience. These are the industry’s most comprehensive service guarantees covering voice and data services, Unified Communications (UCaaS) and SD-WAN.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Customers will be satisfied with the quality of our Unified Communications (UCaaS) and SD-WAN services, and any issues will be resolved to their satisfaction, or the customer may cancel the service(s) without penalty.

Installation Guarantee

Installation Guarantee
Fusion Connect will meet the agreed-upon installation date(s) for UCaaS and/or SD-WAN services. If the targets are not met, the customer is credited with one month’s MRC for the service. (Applies to US, Canada, the UK and Australia only.)

100% Uptime Guarantee

100% Uptime Guarantee
A 100% uptime guarantee for customers who purchase UCaaS with or without SD-WAN. If the services are not up and running 100% of the time, Fusion Connect provides a credit.

Future-Proof Technology Guarantee

Future-Proof Technology Guarantee
Ongoing upgrades to the next generation of UCaaS and SD-WAN technology will be implemented at no additional cost.

Rate Lock Savings & Guarantee

Rate Lock Guarantee
Rates for Unified Communications and SD-WAN services will not change for the life of the customer’s contract. (Applies to US, Canada, the UK and Australia only.)

A Full Stack of Experience

Why Choose an MCSP?

When choosing a Managed Communications Service Provider (MCSP), you benefit from the greater institutional knowledge that a Managed Service Provider (MSP) possesses. Their knowledge of the broad range of interconnected MSP offerings adds to the knowledge that the MCSP is a fraction of.

Managed Communications Service Providers understand the impact communications services, such as UCaaS, can have on other important infrastructures of your business. They look at the whole interconnected environment, rather than just a single value-add service. Your business reaps the benefit of the enhanced knowledge base available to the MCSP.

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