Poly CCX 500

Microsoft Teams Edition. The Poly CCX 500 Business Media Phone has workers feeling confident they’ll sound professional on every call. No word or inflection is missed. Background noise is eliminated to keep calls quiet wherever it’s noisy—like open offices and call centers. By design, the phone is simple and intuitive to use—with one-touch-access to your contacts and meetings. So users can be more efficient. Robust provisioning and management capabilities take the headache out of telephony deployment and support. Choose a headset or handset.

Poly CCX 500

Device Features

    • Gesture-based, multitouch-capable capacitive touch screen
    • 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel)
    • 9:16 aspect ratio
    • Screen saver
    • On-screen virtual keyboard
    • Voicemail support
    • Adjustable base height
    • Multilingual user interface
    • Normal and dark mode
    • Headset options to suit any style (Bluetooth®, USB, RJ9).
    • Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset for magnetic coupling to hearing aids
    • Voice activity detection
    • Individual volume settings with visual feedback for each audio path
    • Low-delay audio packet transmission
    • Adaptive jitter buffers
    • Packet loss concealment
    • Two-port gigabit Ethernet switch
    • Size: With handset: 17.8cm x 21.6cm x 5.2cm WxHxD (7.0in x 8.5in x 2.0in WxHxD)
    • Size: Without handset: 10.5cm x 21.6cm x 5.2cm WxHxD (4.1in x 8.5in x 2.0in WxHxD)

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